our entire community suffers from river flooding.

A Yes on WC-1 Fixes That.

A “Yes” on WC-1 will help protect communities along the Truckee River from the damages and dangers of flooding.

A “Yes” on WC-1 will save the loss of jobs, businesses and industry, loss of property, loss of economic recovery, and the loss of approximately $2 BILLION in flood damages to our beautiful region. 

A “Yes” NOW means critical Federal Funding can assist with the cost of the  construction of the Truckee River Flood Project and flood protection in threatening areas across the Truckee Meadows community.


A “No” leaves our community vulnerable year-after-year to …

  • Costly damages to businesses and homes

  • Life-threatening flooding

  • Closures of highways and airports

  • Unpredictable slowdowns and halts to our growing local economy


Vote Yes on WC-1 November 6th, 2018


Help us pass this crucial initiative at this crucial time, before we lose access to federal funding.



We’ve worked so hard to build this economy—don’t let a flood wash that way. Get involved by emailing Support@StopRiverFlooding.com